Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jewish Passover Meal Foods

Passover is a grand Jewish festival that is celebrated over seven to eight days where a host of rich traditional foods are cooked. Families celebrate the ritual of serving the Sedar family meal on the initial two nights of the festivities. Some of the traditional Passover food is Matzoh, Maror, Beitzah and Charoses. There is the ritual of placing three unleavened matzohs within a napkin that is said to represent the hurriedness with which Israelites left Egypt. The Seder service generally serves two matzohs. Maror is a traditional dish that is generally composed of herbs. It is a bitter dish that contains horseradish or romaine lettuce. The bitterness of the dish is said to symbolize the harshness of slavery.

Charoses is a traditional Passover food that contains ingredients like apples, nuts, cinnamon and wine. Charoses is prepared as a paste that imitates the brick and mortar made by the toiling Jews for the Pharaoh. Beitzah is a roasted egg fish that represents life in all its beauty and the spirit of survival. A Passover vegetable dish is the Karpas and is generally made of parsley or celery. This vegetable dish is generally served with salted water in a basin. The dish Karpas signifies hope and salvation. Wine and Zeroah are some of the other traditional foods. Zeroah is a portion of roasted lamb shankbone. Four glasses of wine are consumed as a four-fold assurance of salvation. Some of popular soups served during the Passover festival are chicken soup and cream of carrots soup.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Authentic fried chicken that doesn’t include soaking in buttermilk?!

Dear Shaul’s,
How do you make an authentic fried chicken that doesn’t include soaking in buttermilk?
Barry, Brooklyn NY
We all love our fried chicken – the crisp coated outside, and the juicy tenderness of the chicken inside. In fact, if we try hard enough we can just smell it frying. At least I can. Can’t wait to do some finger lickin’.
You have an excellent question! And you are so right, Barry — when a kosher cook goes searching for authentic southern fried chicken recipes, we hit a MAJOR stumbling block: almost all of them call for dipping the chicken in buttermilk. Such a no-go in a kosher home!
Now, we agree that this authentic method is not an option, but no one wants to compromise on taste. So it’s up to clever kosher cooks to come up with a solution.
It took some trial and error, but I developed a recipe that proves you do not need buttermilk at all. Soy milk and vinegar do the trick! It’s real down home country cooking with a kosher twist! What do y’all think Paula Deen would say?
This chicken is so delicious and special it could even be great for a Shabbos meal! Keep the questions coming — we all have a lot to learn!

Monday, January 24, 2011

shopping at a family-owned supermarket

Apprehension crops up in individuals, when they have to choose a supermarket to shop for grocery and other items. Most often people opt for a family-owned supermarket for having stood the test of time and providing excellent customer relationship and friendly atmosphere. Also to satisfy the Jewish community, there are many a certified kosher supermarket owned by families like Shaul’s Kosher market in Silver Spring, MD and Washington, DC, among other locations that provide kosher food and catering services. A few major benefits of family-owned supermarket are,

  • Great services
Every family member will contribute their share of efforts in sustaining the reputation of their ‘legacy’. This prompts them to update their services, new products and to improve their rapport with their devoted customers, who have been availing their services for generations to gain a clear edge over their competitors.

  • Quality
Family-owned supermarkets are experienced in their field since, they have been popular for generations. They are aware of the best places to source top class kosher or grocery items. Their popularity itself is a testimony of the quality guaranteed by them for decades to their loyal customer base.

  • Teamwork
The Teamwork of family members in family-owned supermarket is evident in different aspects of its organized functioning. The members of family, working in the market will have a sense of belonging to their work and will work hard to bring in tangible progress by sharing their work and ensuring complete customer satisfaction, to continue their market advantage and position

How to Start Saving Money with Coupons

• Collect as many coupons as you can get your hands on. You can find them in; The Sunday Newspaper, magazines, our blog at, and our Facebook and Twitter page.
• Cut out all the coupons that you would ever consider using.

• Set up a binder with the trading card sheets so you can properly sort each coupon the way you like it.

• The last step is to bring the coupons that match up with the sales to the store and reap your rewards. (Remember to make sure that the coupons have not expired)
To keep up with your coupons, once a month go through your binder and remove all the expired coupons.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shabbat Special Time Saver Meals!

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This Shabbat Special Time Saver Meal (wow, long name, huh?) included a whole chicken, 1 challah, 1 quart soup, 1 side dish, 2 ½ lb. salads and the fact that you don’t have to rush, hurry and hope you finish all that cooking in time for the holy day!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great News from your favorite Kosher Market – Time Saver Meals – Fresh, Fast & Delicious!

We're all busy these days what with work, kids, family and other obligations. Who has time to make home cooked meals anymore?

The great news from Shaul's Kosher Market in Washington DC is that you no longer need to spend time preparing wholesome meals for your loved ones. You can pick them up on your way home or order them right over the phone: 301-593-1800.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

10... 9... 8... Our Countdown Ad Is Here!

Take a look! It's here!

We're very excited for the new year at Shaul's Kosher Market and we've got our countdown ads, er, hats on! But that reminds us...

Happy New Year Everyone!